Plants to bring you back into the landscape…


Look out of the window, out past the snow drifts, the ice, the slush. Imagine. What would you like to add, to change in your landscape? I just finished six pints of jam and syrup made with red, pink and black currants, grapes and chokecherries from the garden behind my cabin. I have not purchased jam, syrup, jelly or fruit juice in years. I use very little sugar and make these treats as-needed from the frozen, ripe fruit. How will you change your life with a few new plants, some healthy activity outside, very little water and an hour once a month in a warm, fragrant kitchen?

The first week of February I will begin to post the Special Order Plants for Spring 2023. Each week I will offer detailed information, here and on Facebook, about one of the plants. Prices for 2023 will be $1 7.50 for two gallon pots; $22.50 for five gallon pots.

Valiant Grape at back; Raspberry at front
Fifteen year old grape vine; averaging 15 pounds of fruit per season (when the grasshoppers aren’t invading!!)

If you see plants that you want, you can contact me via Messenger, Email ( or Text Message (307.262.8043). I require a deposit of 50% of the total amount, which would be mailed to me as a check or money order, or by special arrangement. Sometime in mid-June the plants will be ready for pickup at The Refuge (just west of Casper WY) or I will be delivering plants to Casper one day each week. If for any reason the plants fail to thrive your deposit will be returned or you can apply it to other plants that are available.

Why are plants not available until June? Some Special Orders – like Rhubarb crowns and Asparagus roots – come in ready to plant. These are from my wholesale sources. But the majority of the plants for sale are Refuge-grown cuttings, rootings, seed and new bare root plants. These are potted up in a mixture of local soils and potting soil. I then manage them until they are out of dormancy and getting leaves. Only then do I feel comfortable offering them to new homes.

The time for Spring preparations will be here soon…. very soon…

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email me:

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