Category: Springtime In the Great High and Dry

  • Spring Into Action 2

    Tasks for April 18:Pasture Management – move cows into Hayfield #2 to graze cheat grass and foxtail coming up. Duck Mulch – continue cleaning out duck pen and shelters and move to storage to compost. Also reduces mice, which reduces snakes close to the cabin. Rain Capture – install new parts for 250 gallon poly…

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  • Spring Into Action 1

    Spring Task Series:Welcome to Spring at the Refuge!! A lot of the things you see here will be things you might also be doing around your landscape and gardens. Activities for April 16, 2023Plant herb seeds in window pots – #basil and #cilantro (how I miss homemade #pesto!!) Hook up all rain barrels- NOAA has…

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  • Observe Nature: Currant Patch and Bumble Bees

    Observe Nature… that’s the class title for a class I’ll be offering later this year. But for now here is such a great example. That heavy spring snow bent the lower branches of the black currant down to the ground. With the thaw, and melt, the snow got heavier and pushed them into the mud……

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  • Oh the water…

    I haven’t done a video in so long. Please LIKE it if you really do. Helps me keep my Channel. But this spring has been good to us. So I thought maybe my simple water management system might be a good subject. Thank you so much! Part One.

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  • Asparagus Omelette / Rhubarb Crumble

    Asparagus Omelette / Rhubarb Crumble

    Early spring, pending snow, and the tips of the asparagus are just breaking through…

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  • Special Order Plant for 2022: Elderberry

    Special Order Plant for 2022: Elderberry

    Special Order Plant for 2022:  Elderberry ** How Do We Love Thee! : Wine, Jams, Pies, Pancake Syrup, and Floral Spring Teas: The flavors and healing properties, the form and texture of the leaves and the fragile umbrellas of white to creamy flowers – I have several plants in my gardens: native North American, Samdal…

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  • Redemption

    My heroine & guruette:Alicia Bay Laurel #AliciaBayLaurel . In 1970 she wrote the handwritten, hand-drawn Living On The Earth. In recently re-reading it I became very unhappy with myself. So today I sought redemption. I split Russian olive firewood. I had forgotten the Zen of wood chopping, hurt my shoulder, regrouped and finished in the…

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  • Tiny Dragon Faces To Feed Us

    Tiny Dragon Faces To Feed Us

    …hard-working hands fed by tiny dragon faced flowers…a new legume grown on its terms…

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  • All Together Now: Free Remote Consults

    All Together Now: Free Remote Consults

    All Together Now: Free Remote Consults Beginning March 30 Text, Email or Messenger & Get Discounts Every spring I get texts (got one today!!), emails and phone calls with questions on plants, gardens, water, soil and design projects. Starting March 30, 2020 I will be taking questions and brainstorming by text, email, Facebook Messenger or…

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