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“In dwelling, live close to the ground.” ~ Lao Tzu


Locally-grown natives, bare root and seed – all successfully grown at The Refuge for 20 years. Specializing in fruit shrubs, along with native flowers and grasses.

Garden & Landscape

Consult, Evaluation & Design

Using principles and practices of permaculture I visit your garden, discussing your dreams and concerns, and offering recommendations, resources and written reports for you to use as you grow along with your landscape.


Join me as a student in one of the Permaculture Classes, or as a visitor on a tour of gardens and methods ( like rain water capture and distribution), or as a volunteer to help “grow” The Refuge and keep it a place folks can enjoy and learn from.

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Notes on Living in the Landscape

  • Spring Into Action 2

    Tasks for April 18:Pasture Management – move cows into Hayfield #2 to graze cheat grass and foxtail coming up. Duck Mulch – continue cleaning out duck pen and shelters and move to storage to compost. Also reduces mice, which reduces snakes close to the cabin. Rain Capture – install new parts for 250 gallon poly…

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  • Spring Into Action 1

    Spring Task Series:Welcome to Spring at the Refuge!! A lot of the things you see here will be things you might also be doing around your landscape and gardens. Activities for April 16, 2023Plant herb seeds in window pots – #basil and #cilantro (how I miss homemade #pesto!!) Hook up all rain barrels- NOAA has…

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