“The Tao seems at ease, and yet it has a plan.”~ Lao Tsu

Let me start by saying that I am not a hard core permaculture disciple. My focus is: to see that the least harm is done; to support native processes; and to create a design that promotes interaction between the landscape and humans – interaction which is more beneficial to each than it is detrimental.

I have been doing permaculture-based design work for over ten years. I am course certified in Permaculture Landscape Design through Cornell University Extension and Oregon State University Extension. I have extensive experience in watershed and large property evaluation, planning and project management. Most of my recent design work has been in residential gardens and rural property improvement. But I am also open to meeting with you to simply brainstorm your ideas, challenges, dreams and plans.

I have lived on eighteen acres west of Casper for over twenty years. I have designed and installed demonstration gardens and windbreaks for clients and students to see the plants in each season and stage of growth. I don’t just design landscapes; daily I live in the beauty and challenges of my landscape.

This is the experience and training I bring to my designs.

I do not install my designs. This means that either a client will hire a landscaping crew to do the installation, or the client is excited to work on it themselves. Quite honestly, I much prefer to work with a client who is excited to work with their landscape over the years…and that includes: observing nature; learning their ground and climate; getting into the dirt; managing water, soil and plants; harvesting and enjoying all the benefits of living on that ground. I love it when a client gets the color pencils out and scribbles and sketches ideas.

My services include:

Brief consultation visits to gardens and larger properties in the Casper Wyoming area. I can also provide a brief report from that visit which would include observations and recommendations. Brief Consultation $50.00; with written report $100.00

Property / Landscape Evaluation $200.00 to $400.00 depending on the size and complexity of the property.

Concept Design $200.00 ~ this consists of drawings and brief description of an idea, a hope for a garden or for a property

Full Design $500.00 and up depending on the complexity of the design. This document provides Concept and Implementation diagrams along with detailed implementation and process. It also includes information about resources and recommendations for plants and materials.

Completion of any of these services includes a discount on plants purchased from Tara Farm and Nursery and free consultations and guidance during and after installation.

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