“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” ~ Lao Tsu


I believe that some seed is planted in each person who attends my classes, but they aren’t always ready to bring that idea into their world. It is really important for me to present a broad spectrum of information and experience (and some stories!) hoping that each person will hear what they are ready to hear. The real nourishment for me from teaching classes is when students contact me to share what they have done, how some experiment in the garden worked or didn’t. It’s proof that they have a learner’s mind, and that is the key to personal growth. It makes us ageless.

OLLI Classes at Casper College: Most of you in the Casper area have received the class catalog for the Continuing Education / OLLI programs for Spring 2023. And the good news is that the Program Director has increased the size of my classes to accommodate more folks. The information on how to become an OLLI member is in that catalog, or you can call the office at 307.268.3401

Saturday February 18, 2023 Soul of the Garden: Ancient Gardens ~ a four hour class that introduces four archelology digs that revealed ancient gardens.

Saturday March 4, 2023 Lawn to Garden ~ ideas for conversion of those thirsty green (often brown) patches into beautiful, productive, drought-tolerant gardens.

Saturday March 25, 2023 Dirt to Earth: Permaculture Practices for Soil Improvement

Saturday April 22, 2023 Pollinator Garden ~ Kinds of pollinators; developing beautiful habitat to attract them; native and other appropriate plants they love.

Saturday May 6, 2023 Oh, the Water…Permaculture Practices for Water Management

Tours & Teaching:

Several times through the summer and into fall I will schedule small-group tours at The Refuge. Each tour has a theme: Successful Plants, Fruit Shrubs, Simple Water Management… These tours are announced via The Refuge Newsletter. If you are interested please send me your email address at tarafarmandnursery@gmail.com to be added.

Helping Out:

A few times each year I have a project which would go so much more smoothly with a little help. When that happens I post a request here and through The Refuge Newsletter. Now: I am aware that many “permaculture centers” attract workers by offering classes and internships and then use the “students” as laborers. I’m not hiding a thing here. I’m saying that I would love to have your company and your effort to help out with one day projects. This year these will include things as simple as weed removal and deconstructing a couple of old fences or just pounding metal fence posts for me. AND the day WILL include water, snacks and a short tour at the end of the day. If it is a bigger project you will go home with a plant or two from the nursery… oh, and a lot of really great karma.

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