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  • Oh the water…

    I haven’t done a video in so long. Please LIKE it if you really do. Helps me keep my Channel. But this spring has been good to us. So I thought maybe my simple water management system might be a good subject. Thank you so much! Part One. https://youtu.be/OHSqE4VSOug

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  • Special Order Plant for 2022: Elderberry

    Special Order Plant for 2022: Elderberry

    Special Order Plant for 2022:  Elderberry ** How Do We Love Thee! : Wine, Jams, Pies, Pancake Syrup, and Floral Spring Teas: The flavors and healing properties, the form and texture of the leaves and the fragile umbrellas of white to creamy flowers – I have several plants in my gardens: native North American, Samdal […]

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  • All Together Now: Free Remote Consults

    All Together Now: Free Remote Consults

    All Together Now: Free Remote Consults Beginning March 30 Text, Email or Messenger & Get Discounts Every spring I get texts (got one today!!), emails and phone calls with questions on plants, gardens, water, soil and design projects. Starting March 30, 2020 I will be taking questions and brainstorming by text, email, Facebook Messenger or […]

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  • Not Only In The Garden

    Not Only In The Garden

    Temperatures below 32 degrees F are the hint that it’s time for planning…

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  • Permaculture Strategies: Recycle,Reuse & Restore and Technology Transfer

    Permaculture Strategies: Recycle,Reuse & Restore and Technology Transfer

    Rural folks know that everything will eventually have a use. Parts and pieces pile up in sheds, barns, fields ~ frustrating the more organized members of each family. In this very short presentation the permaculture strategies of Recycle,Reuse, Restore and Technology Transfer might just clean some of that up and put it to good use. […]

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  • Classes, Courses & Chautauquas

                   Science and pseudo-science (#horticulture, #agriculture, soils, #geomorphology, #permaculture ) is a subject I love to rant about, but let’s bring it down to the practical applications. All science begins with observation; all observation is colored by physical ability, physical setting, layer upon layer of variables, perception, interpretation and above all else the pending question. […]

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  • Transition: Leaving the Ball and Chain for the Tight Rope

         Finally. The open door. The one that never shows what is on the other side. Smoke or mist or darkness. Shortly after 1 January 2019 my entire focus will go to the design and nursery practice, a risk that is exciting and anxious…a strange balance. The sense of freedom that comes and goes is […]

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  • Closure from Cornell: Soul found in design….

    In 1987 I had a major life-changing event which moved me away from a twelve year career in law enforcement and into emergency and disaster management. After writing several major plans, I was approached by the local district coordinator for the USDA, NRCS to coordinate a 36-agency program to restore two major anadromous fisheries watersheds […]

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  • Upon Being Asked to Reflect: Pattern Language, Salingaros Article and Permaculture Design

    Language has always been my favorite past time. I have been a writer from the moment I could hold a crayon.  Conversely, mathematics destroyed me through most of my education…until graduate statistical analysis. I still remember being terrified by the thought that I had to get a passing grade in statistics. But more clearly I […]

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