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  • Oh the water…

    I haven’t done a video in so long. Please LIKE it if you really do. Helps me keep my Channel. But this spring has been good to us. So I thought maybe my simple water management system might be a good subject. Thank you so much! Part One. https://youtu.be/OHSqE4VSOug

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  • Why Natives… when hanging flower pots of petunias are on sale… ugh…

    Why Natives? The Wyoming SunflowerHelianthus maximilani or the Perennial Sunflower will soon be gracing everyopen space, every road barrow pit, and my garden. Why my garden? Nothing is like the warm, golden color of these natives. Fast Food for the Road: The flowers feed late pollinators, preparing themfor migration, hibernation or egg-laying. Seeded flower heads […]

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  • Response to the Question: Does planting by the moon really work?

    “Each plant in each specific location under each specific moment of conditions responds specifically. You can work to create the best set of circumstances to support and encourage the best ecology for that plant even to its best death. Study in-depth or take a seed and stick it in the ground and water it. Then […]

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  • Spirit, Science, Craft, Bumblebees

    Spirit, Science, Craft, Bumblebees

    Last year on one of those very early spring days of cold shade and clear sunlight, the open space near the front steps to the cabin was filled with a low rumble. It was so loud that I checked the approach to the nearby airport for the gigantic FedEx freight plane preparing to land. I […]

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