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  • Dreaming, Planning…

  • Why Natives… when hanging flower pots of petunias are on sale… ugh…

    Why Natives? The Wyoming SunflowerHelianthus maximilani or the Perennial Sunflower will soon be gracing everyopen space, every road barrow pit, and my garden. Why my garden? Nothing is like the warm, golden color of these natives. Fast Food for the Road: The flowers feed late pollinators, preparing themfor migration, hibernation or egg-laying. Seeded flower heads […]

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  • Redemption

    My heroine & guruette:Alicia Bay Laurel #AliciaBayLaurel . In 1970 she wrote the handwritten, hand-drawn Living On The Earth. In recently re-reading it I became very unhappy with myself. So today I sought redemption. I split Russian olive firewood. I had forgotten the Zen of wood chopping, hurt my shoulder, regrouped and finished in the […]

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  • Tiny Dragon Faces To Feed Us

    Tiny Dragon Faces To Feed Us

    …hard-working hands fed by tiny dragon faced flowers…a new legume grown on its terms…

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