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  • Spring Into Action 2

    Tasks for April 18:Pasture Management – move cows into Hayfield #2 to graze cheat grass and foxtail coming up. Duck Mulch – continue cleaning out duck pen and shelters and move to storage to compost. Also reduces mice, which reduces snakes close to the cabin. Rain Capture – install new parts for 250 gallon poly…

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  • Spring Into Action 1

    Spring Task Series:Welcome to Spring at the Refuge!! A lot of the things you see here will be things you might also be doing around your landscape and gardens. Activities for April 16, 2023Plant herb seeds in window pots – #basil and #cilantro (how I miss homemade #pesto!!) Hook up all rain barrels- NOAA has…

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  • Observe Nature: Currant Patch and Bumble Bees

    Observe Nature… that’s the class title for a class I’ll be offering later this year. But for now here is such a great example. That heavy spring snow bent the lower branches of the black currant down to the ground. With the thaw, and melt, the snow got heavier and pushed them into the mud……

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