To Serve: Permaculture, Landscape & Garden Services, Classes & Design

PropEvalLogo75  Garden Consult: $50.00 ~ One-plus hour visit to your property; includes a written brief of our visit, with recommendations, plant ideas and lots of information. You also get 10% discount on any future services, plants and seeds. .

PlantLogo75  Permaculture Evaluation: $100 – $200 ~ Written evaluation specifically using permaculture criteria; sectors, zones, movement, infrastructure, hardscape, resources, safety issues, plant and design recommendations.

2TenFootConceptual1  GROW! He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying: $100 ~  Keep learning; seek knowledge; work hard; feed your soul and yourself! One day classes at The Refuge including full Course, tour, discounts; small group. Classes:  Garden Design, Dirt to Earth, Water Management, Plants for the Permaculture Garden in Wyoming, On The Ground (Project Planning).

permaculture_flower  Chautauquas: Not For The Faint of Heart: Free ~ Half hour to one hour presentation on permaculture, or specific aspects of permaculture, plant guilds/ communities, resource management, watershed restoration, stakeholder organizing or other landscape and little garden matters.

courselogo300Simple Green Tech: Bees, Water, Solar, Soil: $100 ~ Get your hands dirty!!  Create a solar oven, a vertical planter, water catcher, bumble bee nesting, slow release irrigation vessels… participate in a water collector competition and win plants and services. These workshops are hands-on, one day sessions that include making something useful. Lunch is included to be shared with like-minded folks; tour of The Refuge; and take home your creation and a one gallon plant from the nursery.

JohnstonFinalPlanView  Landscape & Garden Design: $400 ~ This is a special landscape design process for people who want to be active in their landscape and gardens.  It begins with a long visit with you to understand your hopes and ideas for your landscape. I then complete a written, in-depth permaculture evaluation. I will create concept drawings, which include materials and plant recommendations. Another meeting and then I add final adjustments and implementation guidance. You will also receive a 10% discount on all plants and seed purchased from Tara Farm and Nursery and workshops and classes.


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