Spring Internship 2016: Are you focused, peaceful, passionate, earthy? Do you live in the Northern Rockies?


Permaculture / Plant Nursery Internship

May thru August 2016

Location: Tara Farm and Nursery, Casper WY

 Tara Farm and Nursery is a small Owner/Operator practice focusing on the development of plants and landscape installations which are appropriate to high, dry steppe and sagebrush environments (“Basin and Range”), and which support the principles of permaculture. These principles include diversity of elements with continuity over space and time, environmental appropriateness, multi-purpose, self-sustaining, and supporting self-reliance for the landowner or community. The owner, Laurel Graham, also provides property evaluations, concept and detail landscape design, landscape and plant consultation, presentations and courses in permaculture-based landscaping. 

This internship will incorporate nursery work, environmental and ecological observations and application of those observations. This is a SERIOUS study and hard work situation, not a vacation in the traditional sense.

Before applying please visit the Tara Farm and Nursery Facebook page and review past postings and photos for a better sense of the type of work and the philosophy behind it. 

Term:  Weekends from May 21, 2016 to August 7, 2016

Tasks for the intern will include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily nursery operations (watering, weeding, plant inspection, insect observation, monitoring for disease and “pests”)
  • Plant propagation (seed, root cuttings, soft/hard wood cuttings, bare root stock)
  • Garden, hedgerow and windbreak maintenance
  • Research of native plants, focusing on five plants /grasses
  • Assist in planning and development of site for native plant nursery component 

Product: Students should contact their academic advisor to find out if this internship will meet the requirements for independent study or field work. Your advisor may contact me for more detailed information. 

Installation Design: Design for an installation (garden, hedgerow, windbreak) using the five native plants as keys. The design should include: 1) permaculture principles expressed or applied; 2) information, skills and activities learned in the nursery; 3) resource assets and challenges and methods to meet those challenges; 4) water management; and 5) a drawing (by hand or computer) with identification all plants used. 

Position Requirements:

  • Knowledge and/or experience in any of the following: botany, biology, horticultural principles, entomology, landscape design, ecology, environmental restoration
  • A real passion for the landscape on all scales; comfortable in outdoor environment; comfortable with animals (domestic and wild)
  • A love of applied science expressed in a creative, focused, detail-oriented, respectful manner
  • Interest in social and community aspects of horticulture
  • Clear sense of safe practices, including power and hand tools
  • Ability to do physical work; bending; working in the soil; able to lift at least 30 pounds; must be willing to work in various weather circumstances (although work will either move indoors or will be delayed based on some weather situations).
  • Non-smoker
  • Valid driver’s license and automobile insurance
  • No criminal record (traffic tickets not included) 


Field training in applied permaculture principles

  • Training in small, commercial nursery environment
  • Experience in research and planning, not just on the horticultural level but connecting the landscape to the individual and the community
  • Written product planning and research example, and all associated resume additions
  • Working outside as part of the environment, facilitating growth and production of living things
  • Commitment is for weekends from 8:00a.m.on Saturday to 5:00p.m. on Sunday, weather permitting.
  • Candidates who live outside of Casper may arrange for over-night stays which will include bed and two meals each day, if candidate lives out of town (out of town interns must provide police contact background report from local law enforcement).
  • Over-night stays for weekends only including bed and board if candidate lives out of town. This benefit will require that the intern provide police contact background report from local law enforcement.
  • Stipend of $600.00, distributed at $150.00 per month on the last working day of each month. 

** This internship could easily lead to a seasonal position of Nursery Caretaker / Propagation Technician. **

To Apply:

            Email a cover letter, resume, at least two references and a one paragraph statement on how you see this internship creating benefit for you and others in the future. Submit these in a single attachment to tarafaramandnursery@gmail.com.




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