Welcome to a whole new look…

It’s been a long time coming… a new look, much more personal POV… In the coming months you will find information on upcoming classes and tours, specials on plants and services, more photos and stories to help you get back into your gardens and landscape, suggested reading and resources right here. Past posts and blogs are archived and available here (use the Read More button under the Notes title on the Home Page). If you enter your email on the Home Page you will receive an email whenever I update or add new information. Many of the things previously done on Facebook and in the email newsletter will shift to this site.

Why? I’m sure that many of you have had issues with what feel like arbitrary changes and interference on social media platforms. Some of us have even been locked out of our accounts “by mistake” or have been hacked causing problems for our friends, family, students, customers and suppliers. The security on this website will keep us all safer, and I control what stays and what goes.

I want to encourage you to send any garden / landscape / permaculture questions, challenges, frustrations, plans, successes. I want this site to promote you working in and with your gardens and the landscape, to find physical, mental and emotional health there. I hope that I can share experience and knowledge that will save you from making some of the mistakes (and resource costs!) that I have had.

We have a new season and some new challenges coming up. Join me here.

Laurel L Graham, Owner/Operator/ Designer

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