Special Oder Plant for 2023: Elderberry

Special Order Plant for 2023: Its That Time of Year!! Finally… and just as a ginormous snow storm blows through…ugh….
Elderberry *** The flavors and healing properties, the form and texture of the leaves and the fragile umbrellas of white to creamy flowers – I have several plants in my gardens: native North American, Samdal and Samyal varieties. Pollination is best with at least two varieties in your landscape.

And just in case you missed it last year, here is the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research study on polyphenols in elderberry at this site:


Be aware: Do not eat elderberries raw. They contain a toxic substance that is neutralized with cooking. This is true of many wild fruits. So before going out to harvest on the mountain or a nearby creek, do a little homework, or hire Chef Leah Burback to take you on a little foraging primer.

In good years you will collect pounds. But a day of rain or severe wind timed just as the flowers are ready will dampen production. (This is why permaculture teaches temporal and spatial planning.) The perfect spot would be an area near the house, shed or barn, or in among established trees and shrubs, usually on the northeast side, that never has wind, has lots of morning sun and is often damp. Perfect for elderberry. In the wild it lives in the protection and partial shadow of taller, stronger shrubs and trees.
Samdal and Samyal
Five gallon $22.50
Two gallon $17.50
Warning These sell out very quickly every year!!
To reserve your plants for Spring 2023 you will need to place a deposit of half the price.
Contact me through Comments here, or Messenger, or Text a message to 307.262.8043 for more details.

5 responses to “Special Oder Plant for 2023: Elderberry”

  1. If I read through that correctly, I should try one of each elderberry plant, correct? What are the benefits of the bigger plant compared to the smaller? To what elevation will these be hardy?

    • Good morning, Christina: They should be ready around the end of June. That allows for coming out of dormancy, root development, and protection from weather extremes that tend to happen in early spring. Please text me at 307.262.8043 and I will get back to you with all the details. Thank you for reaching out! 🌱🌱🌱 Laurel

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