Spring Into Action 1

Spring Task Series:
Welcome to Spring at the Refuge!! A lot of the things you see here will be things you might also be doing around your landscape and gardens.

Activities for April 16, 2023
Plant herb seeds in window pots – #basil and #cilantro (how I miss homemade #pesto!!)

Hook up all rain barrels- NOAA has declared an El Nino #elnino shift from the last three years of #lanina For us that generally means a move back toward dry conditions. So even though we just had water everywhere most of it has moved underground and off toward the river.

Clean winter bedding/mulch out of duck pen and shelters – This winter was so rough I have about 4 times the usual winter clean up, and there is still a sheet of ice underneath!!

Move cows out to hayfield – the majority of the #grass coming up right now is early weedy grasses. By moving the cows out to the hay field they choose the high-sugar early grasses and mow them down. Their hoofs open the surface of the #soil and leave lots of #organicmaterial and #fertilizer. Once the better forage grasses start to come on, I move the cows to other weedy areas to do their work there.

Water all seed pots in the potting shed – I have no idea how many of the native seeds I put in last fall will wake up. I’ll know in about a month.

Time to head outside!
If you have any questions, concerns, want to brainstorm ideas, just send a Message!

***I am also scheduling garden visits. $50 for one-plus hour visit to your property.***

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