Spring Into Action 2

Lakshmi and Vaquita doing their job in Hayfield #2.

Tasks for April 18:
Pasture Management – move cows into Hayfield #2 to graze cheat grass and foxtail coming up.

Duck Mulch – continue cleaning out duck pen and shelters and move to storage to compost. Also reduces mice, which reduces snakes close to the cabin.

Rain Capture – install new parts for 250 gallon poly tank (water for nursery and greenhouse later)

Make pre-prepared meals for evening – being able to warm something up quickly and get back out to the long daylight is so important – not just to getting projects done but also to feel good about how much got done… #satisfaction, #peaceofmind

#tarafarmandnursery. #therefugepermaculturecenter. #permaculture #ruralliving #raincapture #rain #drought #rainbarrel #ducks #mulch #compost #rotationalgrazing #cheatgrass #foxtailbarley #wyominggarden #mealplanning

Make sure to install over-flow spigot. Stretch a hose away from the foundation, best to a nearby hedge or trees.
Duck mulch needs a little more decay.
250 gallon poly tank filled from metal roof with over-flows to duck pond and to native fruit shrubs hedge. Ducks create fertilizer water, adding organic matter and nitrogen. I bucket the water out to water the nursery plants.


Wild game chili: pintos, wild rice, onion, garlic, deer roast, red and poblano peppers, chili spices, extra cumin. Frozen in meal-sized amounts for quick, healthy dinners; corn tortillas made with masa harina and tomatoes. (Can’t wait for fresh cilantro and ripe tomatoes!)

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